Finally, acquire the skills necessary to make running a strength.

Coach Danielle and Coach Nate have the plan, you show up and do the work:

  • Attend Running Performance 101 classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30am to 6:45am
  • Learn the fundamentals of running efficiently
  • Get a running gait analysis and real-time coach feedback
  • Explore running focused mobility and stretching to improve performance
  • Receive guided running technique drills to incorporate into everyday activities

What to Expect Once You Complete Running Performance 101

Improved Running Technique

You will feel a noticeable difference in the way your body moves. Your movements will be efficient, your foot strike lighter, and your gait more balanced. By the end of the program, you will have cut out much of the wasted energy in your running.

Increased Strength and Endurance

Your running muscles will develop a larger capacity for sustained pulling and landing, while your oxygen utilization will progressively improve so that your body is able to get the same work done with less breathing. This is how you get less tired.

Reduced Pain and Injuries While Running

Overuse injuries are common and frustrating. They hurt and they keep you from progressing. The culprit? Poor mechanics, repeated over time. With Running Performance 101, you will learn how to avoid this problem at the source with proper form and positioning.

Our Spring 2021 Intro to Running program starts in:


Check out what previous participants have accomplished and what they're saying:

"Firstly, the coaches. They were patient throughout the program and had great suggestions on improvements for people who had injuries or problems while running."

"Yes! I am no longer a heel-striker! Also, I PRed my mile time!"

"My absolute favorite parts of the class were learning how to properly warm up and run with better form."

"The coaching knowledge was excellent and the drills/techniques contributed to vast improvement in my form."

Ready to become fleet-footed?

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Note: The program starts on Tuesday April 12th at 5:30am and is limited to 14 participants!

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The Coaching Dream Team

Danielle Hirt

Founder and Coach @ RunWithCoachD

Danielle has been leading group fitness classes since 2009 and a run coach for beginners through Boston qualifiers since 2014. Ironically Danielle was never a runner in high school or college and actually used to use a doctor’s note to get out of running the mile in high school! She started running in 2011 and ran her first marathon only 11 months after her first 5K (no she does not recommend you do this). Since then she’s run 13 marathons and 25+ half marathons. She’s a regular in the noon classes. She believes that what you think about you bring about and anything is possible if you are willing to put in the work.

Nate Naidas

CrossFit & Running Coach @ South Arlington Fitness & Nutrition

Nate has been coaching CrossFit since 2010 and has a Level 2 certification. He is also CrossFit Endurance certified and has been coaching the skill of running since 2011. Nate was the founder and head coach for the CrossFit Impavidus Endurance and CrossFit Montgomery Endurance Teams. He has completed 4 marathons, 2 half marathons, sprint and super sprint triathlons, numerous road races ranging from 5K to 10K, and several obstacle course races. He has a passion for helping athletes identify their potential in and outside of the gym. Nate believes with the right mindset and focus on quality of movement, athletes can accomplish any of their goals.